Author Topic: GMI E42 The Obsidian Monolith 02 - Laying the Foundation for Your Campaign  (Read 35 times)


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The Obsidian Monolith is a supplemental podcast to GM Intrusions in which I will build a Numenera campaign from scratch. Today I start laying the foundation for the campaign.

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Interesting; it's always fun to see how other GMs make campaigns in the same setting. (I've never checked into this for any other game I've run, so doing this for Numenera is new for me...)

In addition to what I posted on the google+ page (as Josh MacLeod there), I actually think the aliens arriving back on Earth WOULD be fun. Not as an invasion, per se, but a holiday to check out the famous centre of the Trans Galactic Hub and finding out everyone is living as barbarians would be great culture shock, and perhaps highlight to PCs a hint of how much as been lost -- or was taken away -- from humanity.