Author Topic: Tell us about your Numenera character  (Read 65 times)


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Tell us about your Numenera character
« on: June 21, 2014, 11:58:31 am »
I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite characters! I'll start off with mine.

K41 (Kal) a Bazian Nano who Fuses Mind and Machine

K41 hails from the Weal of Baz.  His first memories are of living among the automatons of Baz.  He considers himself one of them.  His mechanical friends and family told him how they discovered him, a blind infant abandoned in the wilderness.  Normally they would have passed such a being of flesh by without a thought, but the automaton who happened upon him noticed that this infant had a strange connection to the datasphere and nanotech that the machine beings of Baz had never seen before. 

The automaton brought K41 to the Weal.  The initial motive was to study this strange connection to the nanites and datasphere, but they quickly realized a human infant isn't capable of sharing much data, so they proceeded to give him his first of many implants, a series of processors in his brain that allowed him to better communicate with the automatons.  They also replaced his blind human eyes with cybernetic eyes once he was older. The machines raised K41 as one of them, and they have been the only friends and family he's ever known.

Though K41's needs were always seen to (the most basic needs anyway) and he was well-regarded by the other Bazians, he always knew he was different.  He devoured any data he could find about the outside world, and when he was big enough and strong enough, he struck out to explore.

He's wandered the Ninth World for years, traveling alone and avoiding humans, abhumans and visitants as much as possible. He has interacted with them a small amount, but he doesn't understand them and finds it difficult to communicate with them. 

For much of his wanderings, his only companion has been a small automaton, a floating metal sphere that he rescued from a ruin and was able to repair. 

K41 is tall and well-toned from a life of harsh conditions (the automatons of Baz aren't much for creature comforts).  He wears only a kilt of dark, travel-worn and -soiled metallic cloth.  His body is covered with obvious cybernetic enhancements--ports on his arms, legs, back and chest.  The most obvious are his two cybernetic eyes, each with a point of light glowing behind the lens (K41 can make the light any color he wants, currently they're both turquoise).  He also has mechanical feet and right hand. He has no hair on his body; for some reason the numerous enhancements have left his body unable to grow hair.

Kal has a small robot companion, small and spherical in shape, that he tinkers with endlessly.

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