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Re: Introductions
« on: August 01, 2014, 01:04:44 am »
Lessee .. started with D&D 1st ed back in highschool (1990s); our group did house-games, scatterings of WOD, Earthdawn and a few others. Moved to a small university and did most of my gaming online (via IRC) after that period as RL groups I found either didn't fit my tastes or ran games I wasn't too interested in. I ran a lot of D&D until 3rd ed. and then burned out on D&D, moving onto Unknown Armies, Risus, BESM and a smattering of others games we found and made use of over the years. I own far more RPGs than I will ever run and even bought some I liked in the knowledge I'd probably never run them but they were pretty awesome anyway.

I spend a lot more time GMing than playing and have run a lot of modern games lately, being burned out on fantasy settings in the past a long time ago; came across Numenera via Bundle of Holding and found out one player had found it interesting, so snagged a copy and went: 'Oh, hello, this is awesome', pretty much :)   After 15+ years of GMing it's fun to have a game that says: 'Hey, you don't roll dice! And this game isn't about fighting at all!' to shake up both GM and players.